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ul. Fabryczna 6
98-300 Wieluń

phone. +48 43 843 42 93
fax +48 43 843 42 93 w.7 

Abous us

We are a family company with more than 20 years of experience in bicycle industry. Since 1996 we have produced bicycles under our own trademark MAXIM, since 2010 – MEDANO. We also produce bicycles for many companies in country and abroad.
Components of particular models of bicycles are carefully selected by our constructors and designers, in terms of technical value, aesthetics and reliability of their manufacturing. We pay special attention to original design and careful making of our products.


In our collections you can find both simple bicycles and those with advanced construction and technology designed to satisfy more demanding recipients. All of our products meet ISO standards.


Since 2012 we produce bicycles with electronic-supported propulsion. It is our own project supported by scientific workers of Technical University of Łódź during research and development stage. Currently our bicycles are equipped with motors and controls of our own production and batteries created by Polish manufacturers.


Several hundreds of European bicycle dealers have bestowed their trust in us. Our products are available in sport store chains in Poland and a number of European countries (Scandinavia, Western Europe). Half of our production are bicycles destined for export.

We were repeatedly awarded with medals and distinctions in competitions organized during branch fairs and exhibitions.